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 I believe in the philosophy of work.  My momma taught me to work hard for things that I needed.  She believes that when you earn something through hard work that it is appreciated and valued more than if it was just provided.  Perhaps there is a direct correlation to understanding what is required to obtain something that raises the appreciation for that very thing.  Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

I am not sure that luck has anything to do with the outcomes but I think I understand what Jefferson was communicating.  If success is desired one must work hard in preparation so that when an opportunity presents itself, success will be an expected outcome.

The Holy Bible challenges us to be intentional about God’s work; it speaks of learning God’s word, knowing God’s word and hearing God’s word. To learn and come to a knowledge of the word of God requires dedicated, purposeful work.  A routine that is no different from an athlete preparing and training so that he or she can do their best on the field of competition.  The result of the athlete’s work is high performance and the ability to compete at their highest level of ability. The result of the work of inserting the word of God into our life is a prosperous life and a life full of faith, and actions that have God’s favor (Psalm 1.3, Romans 10.17).

Getting the word of the Lord in you will require work. Are you willing to work hard?  The returns and rewards on this work are numerous and transformational.  It will keep you from temptation and it will cause you to be smarter than your enemies (Psalm 119.9-11, 98). Do the work of gaining knowledge of the word of God and receive all His benefits; including understanding, forethought, ingenuity, perception, and insight (Proverbs 1).  Now let’s get to work!


With Respect,

Pastor Ed