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It is certain that we will hear this phase around here this month. Certainly we want to congratulate all of our graduates both High School and College. And as we move on into June, the month notorious for weddings, we will probably hear it again or even be caught sharing this phrase a time or two.

Congratulations is a term used for expression of praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion. I want to personally extend a word of congratulations to each of our graduates for this accomplishment. Graduates, your perseverance and determination will be awarded with a diploma, arousing applauses, camera flashes and perhaps a scholarship. Congratulations, you made it.

It reminds me, there will be a day for each of us to stand in front of the Lord to give account for our actions, words and thoughts. Faithful Christian, we will hear those beloved words. "Well Done Good and Faithful Servant!" My dad used to encourage me with this simple phrase, "Keep on Keeping on!" It simply means, don't give up.

Brother and Sister let me encourage you to press on, stay the course and never give up. We will hear those words, Congratulations, Well Done. And we will be rewarded greatly!

Grace to you,

Pastor Mo