Part of the Family

God sets His people in the local church to work in partnership with the vision of the pastors for the advancement of His Kingdom. Membership at Cornerstone Assembly is partnership with and commitment to this vision.

Cornerstone Assembly endeavors to provide partners with a “church life” that is fulfilling spiritually and socially. Through diligent and consistent involvement in our awesome weekly services, excellent ministries, various special events and activities, you will make tremendous strides toward living and enjoying the abundant life that Jesus provides.

Church partners are encouraged to realize THERE'S MORE for themselves and others and help carry out the vision of Cornerstone Assembly by giving their time, abilities, faith, prayers, talents and finances. Active church partnership at Cornerstone Assembly will set you on a path for spiritual growth and personal fulfillment.

New Member "101 Class"

This New Member class, or "101 Class" is designed to give those who are new to Cornerstone Assembly, the opportunity to become plugged in.  Information about the Assemblies of God as a whole is shared and different aspects of Cornerstone Assembly are outlined during "101".  This class is made available to answer questions, share ideas, meet church leadership and help newcomers become involved.

It is a four week class, which meets on Sunday at 4:00pm in Pastor Ed's office.  Each week of the first three classes is taught by Pastor Ed and the concluding class by Cristi Dittfurth, the Pastor's wife.  After attending all four weeks, each person is given the opportunity to apply for membership.  The "101 Class" is held approximately every other month, so class start dates will be announced prior to the next class beginning.